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Yellow Tail Dwarf Pike Cichlid


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Yellow Tail Dwarf Pike Cichlid

Crenicichla Compressicepses

Native to: South America -Brazil
Max Size: 2.75″
Ph: 6.0-7.0 ph
Temp: 78-82°F

Dwarf Pike cichlids will need a lot of hiding places in the aquarium for happiest results. The female lays 40-50 eggs on rocks or in a cave. The fry hatches in 2-3 days, in another 3-4 days the fry starts to swim and eat. Dwarf Pike cichlids are very good parents. Both the male and female take care of the fry. Crenicichla Compressicepses are best kept in group or colony. A group of 4-5 Crenicichla Compressicepses will need a minimum 20 gallon aquarium. The tank should be decorated with big rocks, caves, roots, driftwood and plants. Crenicichla Compressicepses live up to 8 years and can be kept with other aggressive American cichlids that are a little bigger than they are.