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Snail – Bush Grazer Aquatic Pond Snail – Honey Gem Bush Grazer



Bush Grazer Aquatic Pond Snail – Honey Gem Bush Grazer

TEMP: 32 – 90
pH: 6.2 – 8.3 versatile
STOCKING INFO: for aquariums use 1 per 5 gallons. For ponds use 1 per foot of surface area.

These Algae Eating Grazer Snails are farm-raised and pioneered exclusively by Arizona Aquatic Gardens and AAG Nurseries, Inc. that are ideal for use in aquariums that do not have delicate plants. Great for cichlid tanks and ALL ponds. These snails eat algae, leftover foods, dead fish, and delicate aquarium plants. Another awesome trait about these snails, is they cleam the floor of your pond or aquarium. Bush Grazer Snails are generally not interested in eating thick leaved plants such as pond lilies, or hardier aquarium plants such as Anubias. They are perfect for tanks or ponds with lots of rocks as they will lick them clean!

Minimum purchase is no less than 3

State & local regulations may vary

If you’re looking for algae eating snails for ponds and/or cichlid aquariums, then the Honey Gem Bush Grazer Snail could be perfect for you.  Exclusively cultivated by Arizona Gardens, these farm raised snails are both algae eaters and scavangers.

Arizona Aquatic Gardens
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