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Snail – Substrate Burrower Snail – Hairy Tower Snail


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Size: 25mm just shy of an inch tops.  No more than about a nickel

Temperature: 59 – 82.4 degree

Native to: Phillipines

Known by a few different funny names, the Hairy Snail is a unique looking and quite interesting aquatic snail that has an extra  decorative spiral shell that comes equipped with a few small, thin bristles that grow from the top of the shell, hence the name Hairy Lookout. Males & Females look the same but they have different sex organs, whereas many snails have both sex organs and are able to procreate on their own. The reproduction habits are not known but they are a live-bearing snail (viviparous).

Hairy Snails do well in just about any aquarium, old or new, big or small. It can live in fresh or brackish water and it is active primarily in the evening and at night. During the day is often buried in the substrate. They will appreciate aquariums with a sandy bottom to burrow easily, however, they will clean virtually every type of substrate and will burrow into common gravel as well.

The Hairy Snail does not like a strong flow of water, so if your tank has a strong water current, it will find it’s comfy spots away from the flow.

The is primarily a herbivorous animal, consuming algae, spirulina foods, but remains of dead fish and leftover foods as well. This is a true scavenger snail beneficial to a complete biotope system.

Stocking suggestion: 1 per 2 Gallons fine.

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