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Snail – Substrate Burrower Snail – White Spotted Towuti Snail



Known as the Substrate Burrower Snail or White Spotted Towuti Snail should live in an ideal water temp of 79 to 84°. Seasonal variations of temperature will be fine but the ph should be 7.8+ and should not fall below 7.5.

The Tylomelania towutensis is native to Sulawesi, Lake Towuti and the Tominanga River.

This is a soft-substrate dweller and has a thick-walled shell that measure up to about 86.2 mm in length and 31.2 mm in width. They are omnivores which will eat almost everything. It has 4 to 10 whorls, the apex of older snails are much corroded so please understand that youngsters will be much smoother. Males and females are similar in coloring. Most breed a few at a time which will keep the population low in a tank. They have between 1 and 8 young snails of sizes up to 16 mm are generally found per snail.

This snail is not averse to light and seems less easily scared than the other snails. It prefers soft substrates, be it fine sand or whatever, but occasionally it can be seen crawling over the flat pebbles but usually when the snail is eating only.

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