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Algae Eating Snail – Armed Pagoda Snail


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Armed Pagoda Snail
Brotia armata
Borneo armata

Brotia armata are a very Thorny Pagoda Snail or known as a Porcupine Snail. These snails are native to the Moei River in Thailand. Pagoda means a tower with a tiered structure. Armed Pagoda snails thrive in a planted aquarium, fast water flow, high oxygen tank with a high GH levels. They tend to hide at first, but when they adapt to the aquarium, they will become more active.

Pagoda Snails eat shrimp pellets, algae discs, flake foods, algae, waste and cooked vegetables such as carrot, zucchini, kale, spinach, or cucumber.

Why Pagoda Snail?

Very rare, unique and beautiful snail in the planted aquarium market. Not always available. These are friendly snails, safe for plants, fish, snail, and other aquarium’s inhabitants!

Pagodas will control the algae, fish food waste, and any decomposing materials such as dead fish, dead plants and other waste.

They will contribute to great ecosystem and environment!

Easy to control. They breed eggs outside of the water and doesn’t consider as an invasive species in the controlled aquarium.

Size at Shipping about 3/4″+

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