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Anubias Barteri on Lava Rock



Check out this stunning Anubias Barteri on Lava Rock! The contrasts betweeen the dark green of the Anubias and the dark rock base really make it stand out from the rest.  Many fish such as Gobies, Rock-dwelling cichlids, Garra & more will love to use your Anubias plant rocks as territories and/or home base. Your fish will love being around these foundations and can help to keep them calm, reducing stress. Arizona Aquatic Gardens off the finest selection of lava rock foundations to make your dream aquarium setup become a reality! Be sure to click our Specials! page to find more deals!   Simply install your Anubias Rocks in those perfect spots for filler and accent, and allow your Anubias plants to grow. We will ship the plants tie wrapped to the rock and the roots quickly embed into the rock latching on, meanwhile the thread will dissolve in a month or 2 depending on your pH level, tanks lower than 7.0 will dissolve faster due to acidity, the plants root on rapidly. The anubias will grow for years, even decades if it’s happy in your environment. Hard to kill plants are the best! Check out other Anubias species offered at our farm.