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Anubias Gigantea Freshwater Potted Aquarium Plant



Anubias look good in aquaria but grow much slower underwater.  The larger species won’t even fit in most tanks when allowed to grow emerged — not covered by water.  The fastest way to encourage their growth is to raise their leaves above your water level.

Anubias will root onto wood or rough rocks.  But unlike African ferns, anubias will grow an extensive root system into your gravel.  Keep that rhizome above your gravel.  Anubias grows much better when the light hits its rhizome.  The best way to encourage growth is to anchor it to wood with a rubber band or Black cotton sewing thread.   Some anubias growers insist the rhizomes rot when buried in the gravel.  It just slows their growth

Damaged leaves will not repair themselves.  If you want good-looking leaves, you’ll need to prune back and don’t be afraid, this will also encourage new leaf growth.

  • pH range: 6.5 – 7.2
  • Temperature range: 22-28 C
  • Water hardness: very soft-very hard
  • Propagation: Rhizome cuttings.
  • Habitat: Africa

Availability: readily available

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