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#1 Anubias Aquarium Rare Plant Special 10-pack assortment



For an instant gratification planting use one 10-pack of these plants per 10 gallons of specimen plants. (i.e. 55 gallon tank, you would order 5 of these packs) Specimen plants are a main focal plants. Specimen plants are not typically a “filler” plant that fills in empty spaces or voids in the aquarium. Other plants that are good to use with Anubias as filler plants: Crypts, Vals, Sag, Java Fern & Tiger Lotus are best! Filler plants compliment your specimen plants, and vice-versa.

Rare Anubias Assortment Singles our choice
Afzelii, Lanceolata, Congensis, Hastifolia, Frazeri, & others

Rare Anubias Assortment 10-pack

Get an assortment of 10 of any one or more of the following Anubias species:
Afzelii, Lanceolata, Congensis, Hastifolia, Frazeri

#1 Anubias Aquarium Rare Plant Special 10-pack assortment

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