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Anubias Aquarium Plants

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Welcome to our selection of Anubias aquarium plants! At Arizona Aquatic Nurseries we have so many aquarium plants to choose from. Our selection of Anubias is above par! Anubais plants are native to West Africa and make the perfect addition to any aquarium project. You can to attach them to rocks or wood, or just plant them next to rocks or wood, they will be happy as long as they are not generally planted out in the open without some sort of object that their roots can attach to. If you have a 3D aquarium background,, the Anubias is a great choice for attaching to the wall in the aquarium background, some zoological exhibits and hobbyists use Anubias to grow on their filtration tubes or other mechanical parts to hide camoflauge ugly parts and to keep things looking very natural. Anubias aquarium plants are ideal for tanks with low light or no light. We have several types of Anubias plants to choose from including rare Anubias Nana petites, Anubias Bangkok, Anubias Congensis, and so many more. Although every Anubias plant is different in size or shape there are basically 2 types of Anubias. Anubias that grow horizontally, like nana, barteri & coffeefolia. Then we have Anubias plants that generally only grow vertically like, Frazeri, Congensis, Bangkok, Hastifolia and others. You can expect most Anubias to do well in any type of aquarium but the horizontal Anubias are the easiert. Lighting: Anubias thrive in very LOW LIGHT! Temperature: Very versatile 73-83F or 23-28C. pH tips: Neutral 7.0 is perfect but will grow in virtually any water condition as long as roots are wet, so yes you may use these plants in a very wet frog habitat as well.

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