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Assorted Vietnam Fancy Colors Mixed Discus



  • Max size typically 8 to10”
  • Shipping size typically 2-3”

Discus are a beautiful genus of three warm water species of New World Cichlids native to the Amazon River Basin.  Asia is one of the largest producers of this fish in the aquaculture industry.  Unlike most of the other fish we sell herein, Discus are not a fish that our company hand-raises.  This species is imported to us from the described countries and shipped to you direct from our LA outlet after passing a strict quarantine.

We bring in Discus from 3 sources:  Thailand, Vietnam, & Singapore.  As a general rule (but not always the case depending on the particular farmer) Thailand Discus tend to be more colorful (due to hormone additives).  Discus from Vietnam and Singapore tend to be more naturally grown without the use of hormones.  So, although they may appear more drab initially, as time goes on, especially with the use of color enhancing foods, they will become more colorful.

PROPER DISCUS FOOD IS IMPORTANT!  It has been our experience that although Discus can be a finicky fish especially when first introduced to a new home, supplement feeding with blood worms encourages a healthy appetite!  Then, sneaking in some New Life Spectrum Discus Formula will begin encouraging them to eat this food which is a complete diet and much better for them.  There are many opinions about feeding Discus. The manufacturer of NLS food, Pablo Tepoot is a world renowned Cichlid breeder that definitely knows what he is talking about!  Getting your fish on a healthy diet is one of the most important keys to a strong, colorful fish that will give you years of enjoyment!

Minimum quantity for “Assorted Mixed Discus – Vietnam Mixed Fancy Colors” is 3.