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Thailand Large Red Marlboro Discus Fish

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The Red Marlboro Discus Fish are a species of Discus that come directly from a Thailand farm that have much experience and knowledge in raising magnificent Discus species. If you are using these fish in your home aquarium we recommend planting the Red Marlboro habitat heavily. They can tolerate large schools at a young age, but once they are adults they will pair off in order to defend their territories. Discus then to be intolerant of poor water quality so be sure to regularly change the water with good filtration maintenance.

These are high quality fish specimens that are very easy to take care. The most important factors of keeping your fish colorful and healthy is water temperature and food types offered. Water temperature should always be above 72 degrees Fahrenheit. This will give the vibrant colors to your fish. The Discus’ face is usually yellow while the main part of the body is bright red. Coloration also varies depending on mood, health, time of year, and diet. For their diet we highly recommend supplement feeding with blood worms or New Life Spectrum Discus Formula.

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