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Blue Checkerboard Discus Fish

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The Blue Checkerboard Discus Fish, symphysodon spp, come from a Vietnam family farm, but we also bring them in from Thailand and Singapore. The Discus’ from Thailand are usually more colorful due to hormone additives while the ones from Vietnam and Singapore are more naturally grown.

These fish are known for their high quality. You will notice that many other companies charge up to $129.00 each, so make sure to get the best rate with Arizona Aquatic Gardens before they are sold out! Be sure to keep their water temperatures above 72 degrees Fahrenheit. If not, they will turn very dark in color, stop eating, and sometimes even clamp their fins. Their color changes depending on their mood, health, time of year, and feedings. With the use of color enhancing foods they will become more colorful over time.

If you are having trouble getting your Discus to eat we strongly encourage trying supplement feeding with bloom worms! They can be very finicky fish from the beginning, especially when placed in a new surrounding. The New Life Spectrum Discus Formula will also help to give them a healthy appetite.

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Minimum quantity for “Blue Checkerboard Discus Fish” is 8.