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Discus – Blue Diamond Discus

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Blue Diamond Discus for Sale

pH: 5 – 7
Temperature: 80°F – 86°F (27°C – 30°C)
Water Hardness: 1° to 8° dH

Blue Diamond Discus were originally developed by breeders in Malaysia & Hong Kong who found that specific Blue Turquoise Discus fry were transparent in color. When these transparent fry were grown out, their bodies were then a solid blue color without any markings or patterns on their body, gill covers or fins. Higher quality Blue Diamond Discus will exhibit a solid blue body and red eyes with some specimens exhibiting a slight yellow coloration on the caudal (tail) fin.

Discus are a genus of three species of cichlid freshwater fish native to the Amazon River basin in South America. Discus are usually shy but generally peaceful aquarium inhabitants. They are sensitive to stress and disturbance or lack of protection. The best cohabitants are angelfish and small tetras. The discus is a social fish and lives in large groups in their native waters, and has a very advanced social behavior; they are one of the few real schooling cichlids. Remember to keep this in mind when starting care for discus and always purchase more than one. They need social interaction to develop their character to its best potential. Discus do better in deep tanks. All discus require excellent water quality with little movement of water as they do not like strong currents. Discus require higher temps of no less than 79 and up to 86 degrees.  This is currently 2″+ in size.

Minimum quantity for “Blue Diamond Discus” is 3.

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