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Gourami - Blue Gourami


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The Blue Gourami, also known as Trichogaster trichopterus, are a peaceful, fun breed of fish, whose origins can be traced to the South China Sea.

Also known as the Three-Spot Gourami, they feature two spots, one in the center of their body, and one at the beginning of its tail. This fish has the ability to change color with moods, from a silvery blue to a deeper blue during breeding.

The best living arrangement for these fish is in a 20 gallon tank which contains live plants, rocks and driftwood for hiding places. Tank mates should be of similar size and temperament. These fish will be shipped from sizes between 1.5” – 2.5”, but can grow up to 5”. They are also omnivores and will thrive on algae as well as meaty foods, such as flying bugs, larvae in your pond and supplement feeding bloodworms if in an aquarium.

  • Temp: 72-82° F ideal
  • KH 4-18
  • pH 6.0-8.8