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Goby – Butterfly Goby or Wasp Fish



Freshwater Lionfish, Indian Butterfly Goby, Neovespicula depressifrons

Native to: Indonesia, New Guinea, Philippines, India
Temp: 72 – 82
Max Size: 4″ but 2.5 likely
Parameter: Slighty brackish to Fresh

Here’s something you dont see everyday! A Wasp Fish! Do not touch these because they may sting (but, who’s really handling their fish?) Just be careful while netting your fish and moving to aquarium. This is a fairly small fish with beautiful fins and one that should be kept with others as they are happier in larger groups or colonies. Butterfly Gobies or Wasp Fish fall into the same category as the freshwater lionfish since they are obviously not flying butterflies and they’re not gobies either actually. They are a wasp fish. They are popular for the big paddle-type fins. These Butterfly goby/wasp fish will prefer live, frozen, or freeze dried foods. They have a decent sized mouth even for a inch long fish, it will surprise you to see what they can swallow whole. So, not the best fish if you added it to a tank of Neon tetrtas or other small fish. These fish like to sit the bottom of your tank or on top of rocks or wood and seem to ponder time. Some people say theirs are nocturnal but actually this is a very active fish and may not even prefer to hide at all. They will blend into natural substrates, but will show up quickly in white or light substrates.

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