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Celebes Tropical Rainbowfish



Temp: 72-79° F
KH 12-20
pH 7.0-7.7
Max. Size: 2″
Native to: Indonesia

The Celebes Rainbow is a beautiful schooling fish that will do well with other peaceful fishes. The colorful males have an extended 2nd dorsal & anal fin. A planted aquarium is best for this peaceful Rainbowfish. Celebes are sensitive to changes in water chemistry, so use great care when doing water changes. They do best in tanks where the water is left alone in more stable established tanks. Spawning takes place onmoss or plant leaves where the the eggs are laid. After hatching in 10 days, baby fry may be fed. The Celebes Rainbowfish has a large mouth yet their throats tend to be narrow so offering small pieces of an omnivore diet of flakes, algae, or live foods is best! Keep in large groups for best results. Can be stocked as high as 1 per gallon or more. Keep with other dwarf species. Lifespan about 5 -7 years which is a bit more than other dwarf rainbowfishes.

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