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Discus Aquarium Plant Habitat

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These Plant Habitats Are Perfect For Your Discus Aquarium.

The Discus is a fish of tropical beauty; its environment should be, too. Often referred to as the “king of the aquarium” the Discus fish, in all its regal splendor, will be pleased with the lush, beautiful plant life included in each Discus aquarium plant habitat.

We specifically designed this aquatic plant habitat to complement the beauty of the Discus fish and we’re quite confident you’ll agree!

Tank packages includes:

25 – 30 gallon:

3 Dwarf Lily Bulbs
2 Anubias Nana
4-MicroSword Grass 2×2″portions
2 Dwarf Water Onions
1 medium Ozelot Sword
6 Rotala Indica
4 Java Ferns
12 Tall Subulata
12 Corkscrew Vals

50 – 60 gallon:

6 Corkscrew Vals
6 Contortion Vals

6-MicroSword Grass 2×2″portions
4 Dwarf Water Onions

8 Anubias barteri
3 Anubias coffeefolia or similar
8 Anubias nana
3 Anubias frazeri

100 – 125 gallon:

8 Dwarf Lily Bulbs
6 Anubias Nana
14-MicroSword Grass 2×2″portions
8 Dwarf Water Onions
4 Large Ozelot Sword
2 Xlg. Rangeri Swords
3 Didplis Diandra
6 Rotala Indica
8 Java Ferns
35 Tall Subulata
12 Jungle Vals
24 Corkscrew Vals

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