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Goldfish Aquarium Plant Habitat Packages

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A popular fish for a reason, one might say that the Goldfish is the Golden Retriever of the aquatic world! To reward your loyal companion, we’ve created a beautiful plant habitat just for your Goldfish aquarium! Whether you have one or many, we have the habitat for your tank size.

When cared for properly, a goldfish can live an impressively long life; so why not give them an environment they can enjoy for years to come?

Tank packages includes

20 – 30 gallon:

6 Anacharis
20 Sagittaria subulata “Tall”
6 Sagittaria chilensis
3 Ozelot Swords – Medium
3 Java Ferns
8 Cryptocoryne Wendtii Red
25 Sagittaria subulata “Dwarf”

50 – 60 gallon:

10 Anacharis
30 Sagittaria subulata “Tall”
10 Sagittaria chilensis
4 Ozelot Swords – Medium
6 Java Ferns
12 Cryptocoryne Wendtii Red
35 Sagittaria subulata “Dwarf”

100 – 125 gallon:

25 Anacharis
50 Sagittaria subulata “Tall”
15 Sagittaria chilensis
5 Ozelot Swords – Medium
8 Java Ferns
15 Cryptocoryne Wendtii Red
50 Sagittaria subulata “Dwarf”

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