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Ram – Dwarf German Black Ram Cichlid



Dwarf German Black Ram Cichlid

Microgeophagus ramirezi var Black

aka: Dark Knight Ram Cichlid, Black Devil Ram, Midnight Rams

(Shipping at 1”+)

All Black Rams are captive-bred. The color form doesn’t exist in the wild.  Black Rams are the result of a long, expensive breeding project carried out by Danziger Discus Farms in Tel Aviv, Israel. They started to cross-breed dark color forms of the German Blue Ram, and once they realized there were some black traits, they selectively bred the best specimens until they developed the Dark Knight Ram.

Their fins can still have the characteristic orange color of regular German Blue Rams, and some individuals still show the blue spots! This is still the correct fish!

Rare new beauties you must own if you love Rams!   The Dwarf German Black Rams are tranquil, omnivores that are the perfect addition to any aquarium! They make a perfect first fish for beginner owners because of the easy care!

They are not picky eaters and can be easily spawned. They flourish in soft waters, but can be adaptable. Sand is preferred over rocks at the bottom of the tank.

Dwarf Rams are the most popular of the Cichlids. Originally from Germany, our Black Rams are healthy, tame, and handfed.

Stocking your tank with a colony ensures a happier life for these fish, especially when breeding them. They need potential candidates to choose as a mate because not all will like each other.

Requirements for aquarium upkeep include:

• Temp: at least 80°F
• pH Range 5-6.5

The German Black Ram Cichlid (Microgeophagus ramirezi) is a very new and very rare variant of its species. This particular variant is known for the higher amount of black coloration that is displayed in both males and females. All color morphs will be slightly different. The pic shown is of a beautiful colored breeding adult male. You will be shipped younger specimens  because we are not selling older adult breeders. Be patient. Allow your fish to mature. Enjoy. We have this in Bold font writing because some people email us and ask us after reading this description (not actually reading), if they are gtting the black male in the picture?ALL pics in this site generally depict the most colorful male specimen. Buy a colony of these rams so that your female has a choice of mates.  Do not buy 2 fish thinking you will get a pair.  Doesnt work that way in nature.