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Ram – Dwarf German Gold Dwarf Ram Cichlid



Our Rams are Tank-Raised!

Microgeophagus ramirezi
(Shipping at 1.5”+)

Add a splash of color to your aquarium! The Gold Dwarf Ram Cichlids are a beautiful gold color that shimmers against the water.

They are timid fish, which makes them very compatible with other community aquariums. Gold Dwarf Rams seem to be most comfortable in softer waters, but can adapt to other water types, if needed. Sandy tank floors are more enticing to them than aquarium rocks.

Creating a colony will keep these dwarf fish happier, especially for breeding. They need potential candidates to choose as a mate because not all will like each other.

Helpful hints for aquarium upkeep include:

• Temp: at least 72-85°F
• pH Range 6.8-7.9
• GH 3-8
• Well-planted with warm water

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