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Dwarf Curviceps Cichlid



Dwarf Flag Acara, Dwarf Flag Cichlid, Laetacara Curviceps

(Shipping Size 1”)

Compatible with all other Dwarf Cichlids and small community tanks, these fish are a perfect addition to your aquarium! They also don’t ruin any of the foliage in your tank! Their favorite past time is hiding in claim wood or rock formations.

Males clean spawning sites, flat rocks, or even some of the glass. Dwarf Curviceps breed at a very young age. After a few days of spawning the egg will hatch, but the fry (baby fish) don’t swim for about a week later. The parents share the duties of protecting the fry. Their expected lifespan is 2-4 years.

To keep your aquarium comfortable for Dwarf fish, please abide by these requirements:

• GH 0-18
• pH 6-7.8
• Temp: 71.6-82.4° F

We’ve found that using New Life Spectrum Ultra Red fish food will greatly enhance and improve the color on these fish significantly, naturally without hormones. You’ll love these little guys, buy them in a group so they can establish colony in your tank! Gentle, sweet, generally live in lower areas of the tank near front of glass congregating around rocks and wood! Have fun!