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Rock-Dwelling Mbuna Cichlid - Electric Blue Hap Cichlid



Sciaenochromis ahli
syn: Haplochromis ahli

The Electric Blue Hap is a brilliant species of cichlid fish native to Lake Malawi in Africa. It prefers to live in caves and the crevices in rocky substrates with crushed coral, if possible. Electric Blue Haps can reach a length of 7.9″ long. The Electric Blue Hap is a very popular aquarium fish because of its coloration. Stocking large numbers of these fish together will prevent a single fish from being the target of aggression. The females are more of a drab grey in comparison and slightly smaller. Electric Blue Haps prefer rocky decorations with coral sand bottom.

The Hap cichlids are different from the Mbuna or rock-dwelling cichlids, as they are open water dwellers, occurring in areas where the rocks meet the sand. Though not as aggressive or territorial as the Mbuna, this cichlid still prefers being around rocky areas where it can hide in caves or cracks looking for small fish to eat.