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Guppy – Fancy Male Assorted Guppy Freshwater Aquarium Fish



Poecilia reticulata

  • Temperament: Community
  • Max Size: 2”
  • Swimming Level: Top
  • Experience Level: Excellent for Beginners
  • Optimal Aquarium Setup: The environment should have a covering of floating plants and ferns.
  • Diet: Flakes
  • Origin, Appearance and additional notations: The hardiness of the Guppy, as well as the fact that it matures quickly are 2 of the reasons why these are some of the most popular fish.

The other reason is that the males are quite beautiful and come in many assorted colors. Females can be colorful but are easy to differentiate between the other sex as their palate is much less vibrant. The females also tend to be larger in size though smaller in tail fin. This is an assorted variety. These are NOT imports. They are Farm-Raised and Hand Fed right here in the USA.

If breeding use a breeding net to protect the fry. Adults may eat the fry if left to fend for themselves without the breeding net. The fry should be fed brine shrimp or fry food..

We’ve found that using New Life Spectrum Ultra Red fish food will greatly enhance and improve the color on these fish significantly, naturally without hormones. See Related Items below to add to your order now!

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1 Male, Gold Tuxedo, Blue Mosaic, Female

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