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Pond Comets are


This is a grown-out version of our Pond Stocker Comet Goldfish. The Comet Goldfish, also called the Comet-tail Goldfish, are a ‘reddish orange’ colored goldfish that will be a delightful addition to your pond or water feature.  Add these guys to your livestock water trough!  You should never need to feed them supplement foods if raised outdoors as they will feed on larvae, bugs and algae.

Very durable fish that can be kept in either an aquarium inside or in a pond outdoors.  These fish can be quite personable and are fun to watch. One of the hardiest of the goldfish varieties, the Pond Comet Goldfish are recommended for beginners and experts. They are an easy fish to keep as they are not picky and will readily eat what is offered.

This variant of the Pond Comet is a larger size that is grown out an additional 8 months compared to the Comet Pond Stocker variant. This size ships excellent, and is an instant janitor once you install these fish into your project.

The Pond comet will work best in a colony to be part of your natural algae solution, so order a nice group to help clean up your algae, because a couple fish won’t be able to keep up with a string algae bloom!  This size is generally shipped 2″+ but less than 4″ depending on time of year. No one is disappointed with these guys in any water feature! Order up!

Minimum quantity for Pond Comets is 3.