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Minnow – Mosquito Fish/ Mosquitofish Gambusia affinis



Biological Mosquito Control! Better for our Planet!

  • Mosquitofish

  • Gambusia affinis

The World’s Best Mosquito Eating Fish For Sale!
Mosquitofish Eat Mosquitoes, Mosquito Larvae, & other flying Insects & larvae!

Size: typically about 1/2″ but females can get up to about 1.5″+
pH: versatile 5.5 – 8.5 Temp: 30 – 100F +

Arizona Aquatic Gardens is one of the largest suppliers of farm-raised Mosquito fish in the U.S. for county vector control agencies. This environmentally important fish is used for controlling mosquitoes and their larvae. Mosquitofish are sold commercially through our company from just small quantities for small ponds, livestock water troughs, and more to massive quantities for government mosquito control programs, Vector Control, golf courses, HOA Ponds, and other wetland restoration projects. 

The Male Mosquitofish is smaller than the female. When they are young, it’s hard to tell boys from the girls though. As they get older, the female will always grow larger than the male, and since this is not an egg laying fish, but rather a “live-bearing” animal, the female may have what appears to be a balloon belly from time to time just before birthing frye…… because she is “pregnant”.

Are mosquitoes taking over your pond? Regain control with the world’s best mosquito eating fish from Arizona Aquatic Gardens. Gambusia affinis (often referred to as “mosquito fish” or “mosquitofish”) have been used for mosquito control in the United States since 1915. These fish are vivacious consumers of mosquitoes, mosquito larvae, mosquito pupae, and other flying insects and larvae, and can survive varying water conditions.

What you need to know about mosquito fish

Common uses: Stock in permanent and semi-permanent fresh water habitats, dirty swimming pools, water troughs, rice fields, golf course ponds, wetlands, livestock water troughs, livestock ponds, abandoned swimming pools

  • Size: Typically about 1/2″ but females can get up to about 1.5″+
  • pH: 5.5 – 8.5
  • Temp: 30 – 100degrees Fahrenheit
  • Stocking information: Use 1 to 5 mosquito fish per square foot of pond surface space for annual stocking

Gambusia affinis, more commonly known as mosquito fish, (see also reference Equetus acuminatus) are used in so many applications such backyard ponds, fountains, drainage ditches and canals, and even neglected swimming pools & livestock water troughs.  As reports of mosquitoes with West Nile virus are increasing across the country since 2016 and too many people have already been confirmed to be infected by the potentially dangerous disease, government agencies are promoting the stocking of these beneficial fish as an alternative to harmful pesticides in your pond. Zika virus is a virus spread to people through mosquito bites. The most common symptoms of Zika virus disease are fever, rash, joint pain, and conjunctivitis).  Zika virus ‎Prevention is important!  If you don’t have mosquito larvae, you won’t have the flying bugs that carry the virus! This is a simple, natural solotion to a very serious concern. is one of the largest suppliers of Mosquitofish in the USA. If you want healthy, farm-raised Gambusia and a bite-free Summer, get yours ordered today and we will ship to your door tomorrow.

Notice: We do not support improper distribution of mosquito fish into the wild. We reserve the right to screen customers prior to shipment. Visit our terms of use for more information.

If you require 2000 or more mosquito fish, you are encouraged to email our office for additional discounts. 

  • Stocking information: Use 1 to 5 mosquito fish per square foot of pond surface space for annual stocking
  • min purchase no less than 10
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