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Gourami – Licorice Gourami Fish


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The Licorice Gourami Fish, also known as Parosphromenus deissneri, is a very shy and peaceful omnivore. As one of the tiniest of the labyrinth fish, this beautifully colored creature needs access of the surface of the aquarium to breathe and survive.

In order to make this fish happy, it requires a well planted 20-gallon or more tank of slightly acidic water that is well filtered. It should be housed with fish that share the same peaceful temperament. As an omnivore, this fish prefers algae based food as well as meaty foods. The size of this fish at shipping is around 3/4″.

  • Size: max up to 1.5″
  • pH: 5.6 – 7.8
  • Temp: 74 -82F
  • Origin: Malaysia, Singapore
  • Food: New Life Spectrum “Small Fish Formula”

Minimum purchase amount is 2 fish, but we recommend buying more. At the time of shipment, the fish will be about 3/4″ or more.

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