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Aquarium plants on Mat – Micro Sword Lilaeopsis brasiliensis



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Micro Sword Lilaeopsis brasiliensis

Add a little flair to your aquarium with the Micro Sword Aquarium Plant.  This plant is sold in a few different ways

2’’X 2’’ portions

3×5 mats

large mats in a ½ square foot or  full square foot.

The Micro Sword Plant is a vigorous green color and is distinctly shaped, meaning it will well help approve the aesthetics of your tank. Plant portions like a checkerboard pattern to allow to fill in easy or plant portions next to rocks and wood to compliment them both!

If you need help selecting the right plant for your tank, please contact us today.

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2" x 2" portion, 3"x5" mat, 1/2 square foot mat, Full square foot mat