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Crab – Algae Eating Thai Micro Spider Crab

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Algae Eating Thai Micro Spider Crab


Native to: Thailand
Max body size: about 1/2″
pH: 6.5-8.5
dH: up to 12 degrees
Temp: 72-82 deg F


This is a great little algae eating crab! Can we remind you of the name though?  Micro means MICRO!!!   These are tiny little crabs.  You could literally put 1,000 of them in a 10 gal tank and you wouldn’t think there were that many in there!   Just so you understand what we are talking about….this is a small animal!  Many customers regret they didn’t order more.  Trust us, you likely have the room!  

The Thai Micro Spider Crab is a small fully aquatic crab perfect for most community aquariums. If you have algae growth, these omnivores will enjoy eating any that exists in your tank! With a body just a half inch in size, this is a dwarf crab, with the female’s body much wider than the male crabs which are narrow and tapering. It’s legs are very long in relation to the size of the distinctive, round carapace (body), and can be neatly folded under to appear half their actual length! The legs and chelipeds (claws) are covered with short, strong setae (bristles) which are used to capture food particles. They are NON-aggressive animals and are totally safe with plants and other shrimp and fish. Like other crabs, this species will occasionally moult as it grows up, and during this period is vulnerable to attack and will tend to hide away until the new exoskeleton hardens.

The Thai Micro Spider Crab is an unusual miniature species of crab where they live best among the roots of floating aquatic plants in nature. These tiny decapods are entirely aquatic, and live exclusively in freshwater. They are not a true spider crab as the common name might suggest, but actually a member of the Hymenosomatidae family of false spider crabs.

Thai Micro Spider Crabs adapt well to aquarium life if they are given the mature, stable conditions that are required. Conditions very similar to those preferred by most neo and caridina shrimps like, Red Cherry & Red Crystal Shrimp. The tank should offer plenty of rocks & driftwood, along with dense planting which includes floating species.

Many aquarists have found that these little crabs love resting within the nooks and crannies of the driftwood or lace rock stones, just as much as the plants.

Keep Thai Micro Spider Crabs in colonies of no less than 6 or more, as this is a non-territorial, gregarious species. Tankmates should be small and peaceful e.g. micro-Rasboras, small tetras, kuhli loaches, Caridina and Neocaridina shrimps, fan shrimps etc. These crabs can be vary in coloration, but most are a very light grey with darker brown blotches on the body, legs, and claws.

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