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Goldfish - Fancy Aquarium - Moor Panda Butterfly Telescope Goldfish

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One of the most heavily hybridized goldfish after the Fantail Goldfish is the Telescope also referred to as “Demekin” in Japan. (the term covers all goldfish with portruding eyes and sometimes also referred to as “Dragon Eyes” in the Orient)

Telescopes are reasonably hardy when it comes to temperature range. They can survive in a pond environment, but they cant see very well, so need to be protected from predators like cats and birds to avoid becoming an easy meal. Their poor eyesight means they are very clumsy when it comes to detecting and avoiding danger. Telescope goldfish first appeared during the late 1500s and early 1600s. If kept with other Goldfish make sure that they can get their share of food. The main feature of this breed is it’s enlarged eye sockets, which project directly outward from it’s skull. Telescopes come in all colors and scale types

Pandas (sometimes called “Panda Moors”) look like Black and white versions of Black Moors. The ideal coloration is panda-like coloring (black eyes and black back and fins, and white everywhere else)


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Black & White Panda, Assorted Telescope colors