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Moss - Aquarium plants on Mat - Phoenix Moss - Fissidens nobilis



“I love this Moss!”

” Low Demand EZ to grow aquatic plant!”

“The Red Cherry Shrimp with this plant looks gorgeous!”

Fissidens nobilis Moss
Light demand: low
Difficulty: easy
Placement:  Epiphyte (grown on hardscape), Foreground
Growth rate: slow
pH: 5 – 8
Temp: 65 – 80°F
Hardness: 0 – 21°dKH

This is a very popular product w our customers!

Order the Mat = a generous 3″x 3.5″ Mat of Fissidens Nobilis


Order the Mat with a Side of Live Cherry Shrimp = a generous 3″x 3.5″ Mat of Fissidens Nobilis Plus 8 Red Cherry Shrimp!

Fissidens Nobilis is a very rare, hard to find true aquatic aquarium plant moss native to Southeast Asia. It is a very hardy plant that most aquarists of any level will enjoy and do well with! Attach this plant to aquarium driftwood, rocks, decor and any other things in your tank. It will do great in just about every situation!

Fish tend to want to either swim around this moss or just relax next to them.

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2 Choices

3"x 3.5" Phoenix Moss Mat Fissidens Nobilis, 3"x 3.5" Phoenix Moss Mat w/ 8 Cherry Shrimp