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Discus – Nhamunda Blue Face Heckel Discus Fish



Symphysodon aequifasciatus haraldi

The selective breeding of this popular Discus has produced many beautiful varieties that originate from the Amazon’s Rio Negro. These fish are carnivores and require a meaty diet that should include a supplement of bloodworms,tubifex & meaty frozen foods. Discus are a popular freshwater fish and is increasing in popularity as more variants of this beautiful animals become available. They require a more advance level of husbandry skills and care due to is food requirements and water quality needs.

This variant is for 1.5″- 2″+ sized fish, see juvenile pic for typical fish size and color shipped. 3rd Image   1st pic is of mature breeder.

Minimum quantity for “Nhamunda Blue Face Heckel Discus Fish” is 3.

Arizona Aquatic Gardens
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