Nhamunda Blue Face Heckel Discus Fish

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The selective breeding of this popular Discus has produced many beautiful varieties that originate from the Amazon’s Rio Negro. These fish are carnivores and require a meaty diet that should include a supplement of bloodworms,tubifex & meaty frozen foods. Discus are a popular freshwater fish and is increasing in popularity as more variants of this beautiful animals become available. They require a more advance level of husbandry skills and care due to is food requirements and water quality needs.

This variant is for 1.5″- 2″+ sized fish, see juvenile pic for typical fish size and color shipped. You will not be disappointed.

When this species of Discus grow to 4 – 5″ they sell avg $150 each!  This is a bargain!

Minimum quantity for “Nhamunda Blue Face Heckel Discus Fish” is 3.

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