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Peacock Aulanocara Albino Sunburst Cichlid



Aulonocara sp. sunburst albino

These albino peacocks live peacefully with most other cichlids. If you keep them over a darker substrate, their colors are brighter. Using color enhancing foods in their diet will also help show their best color.

They used to be thought of as freaks, but now these albinos have become an extremely popular fish! One look at these gorgeous fish, and you can see why.

Albino Sunbursts are an excellent addition to a community aquarium, and are fairly low maintenance.

Albino peacocks are hybrids, and rarely occur naturally. If you’re interested in breeding a Peacock, you can take an albino from Aulonocara Albino Eureka and breed it to the kind you want. Some albinos are not true albinos, but they are just as beautiful.

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