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Purple Waffle Bunched Aquarium Plant

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Hemigraphis exotica
Native to: SE Asia
Position in tank: background / midground
Lighting in tank: moderate to high

You may get a kick out of reading my rant below about this one! It’s the same article I wrote for Dragon Flame just switched some words.

This is one of those plants that so many people debate over, get upset for no reason, or just plain short-circuit over! It drives me crazy wan I see posts online about it, and as the owner of this company I am ending it now! The reason why blood pressures run so high over this plant is one simple reason: it’s actually not a true aquatic plant for submerged use.

It is best for wet location placement such as a terrarium or a paludarium. BUT! There’s a huge BUT here, and I thought I would touch on it for a second to prove a valid point.

Who care’s if this this gorgeous slice of heaven doesn’t live forever in your aquarium? Purple Waffle is stunning, and if you are in your tank regularly….planting, or doing water changes anyway, what is the harm of you planting some bundles of it in your tank to keep it looking exotic, or keep it from looking boring, stale might be a better word. The last time I bought roses for my wife was on her birthday recently. They lasted about 4 days at best. They gave her great pleasure, she was happy, I was happy, we all won! Purple Waffle and other plants like Dragon Flame are just like roses. They are awesome, and some may last you 3 weeks, some may last 5 months. This plant is cheap, fun, and will keep your hobby from getting stale (there I used the word “stale” better). We have many customers that stock the heck out of their tanks with these plants and Purple Waffles for the holidays when they have family over or throw parties. Hey, it works for them. Next time you think about adding a little joy to your house by buying flowers, say to yourself, “eh, they’re going to die anyway what’s the point.” The point is….If you don’t, you’ll end up on the couch, die alone or never get lovin’ from your spouse. that’s what. What kind of life is that? For goodness sake’s treat yourself or someone you love once in a while and live for the now. Besides that, how many of you really want those roses on your counter for the rest of your life anyway? I hope you get my humor in writing about this plant, I hope many will end the ridiculous controversy and lighten up, life’s too short. Enjoy your aquarium!

Do you want to save this plant after you’re done with it in your aquarium? Take it out, cut the bottom of the stem about a 1/2 inch, (similar to the method of fresh cut roses) and plant in a rich soil in your garden, out of direct sun, in the shade preferably, in pots, as a houseplant, or like I said in a terrarium. Can also be used in a pond as a bog plant as a vigorous growing shoreline plant. It is a true tropical plant, and will not tolerate cold temps