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Barb Fish - Redline Torpedo Barb Tropical Fish



Temp: 60-77° F
KH 4-10
pH 6.8-8.2
Max. Size: about 4″
Native to: India

Not truly a shark but actually a very long barb! The Torpedo Barb is a very peaceful fish that is a great addition to any larger community aquarium and are very easy to keep. Roselines should be kept in groups in an aquarium with at least 4 or 6 fish minimum. They will do best in tanks with good moving filtration or powerheads as in their native found in fast moving streams and appreciate a high oxygen level in aquarium water.

The Torpedo Barb will eat some hair algae, BBA, and other algae types but may also feed on soft-leaved plants, but does not like anubias plants, swords or grasses. Heavily planted tanks is where this shark will survive best. Instead of eating those plants, it will use them for a refuge or territorial border. Water conditions can be versatile as the Torpedo Barb is easily adaptable.