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Barb Fish – Albino Tiger Barb Tropical Fish

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The Tiger Barb is the most well-known and notorious of all aquarium barbs.  A hardy and easy to care for fish.   Tiger Barbs are peaceful, schooling fish when kept in adequately large schools of at least 5 fish or more and in an adequately-sized aquarium.

They can be kept in community tanks in large groups.  The natural Tiger Barb is golden-tan with with black stripes – one through the eyes, one at the base of the tail, and two on the body. The fins and mouth are red.  Many aquacultured color varieties are also available, including this Albino Tiger Barb.

Albino Tiger Barbs have paler beige bodies with white stripes in stead of black.  Barbs are popular aquarium fish from the Cyprinidae family, one of the largest in freshwater that also includes other popular fish like Danios and Tetras.  Most of the barbs available to aquarists are from the genus Puntius although several others are also found, including Barbus, Garra, Barbonymus, Barilius and others.

Size at shipping about 1.5″

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