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Discus - Singapore Cobalt Blue Discus Fish

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The Cobalt Blue Discus or Neon Blue Discus come from Thailand, Vietnam, and Singapore, but native to the Amazon River Basin. Asia is one of the largest producers of these fish! Depending on the particular farm, the Thailand Discus are generally more colorful due to their hormone additives while the Discus from Vietnam and Singapore are generally more naturally grown due to their lack of hormones. No worries, with the use of color enhancing foods they will become more colorful!

Providing the proper discus food is especially important! The Discus can be very finicky, especially when they get put into a new home. Supplementing feeding with blood worms will help to increase their appetite. The New Life Spectrum Discus Formula will also help to encourage a healthy appetite. Pablo Tepoot, the manufacturer of NLS food, is a world renowned Cichlid breeder who has much experience and knowledge regarding these fish! Getting your fish on a healthy diet from the beginning is one of the most important factors for them to be strong, healthy, and colorful. Pack prices will vary for each country.

Minimum quantity for “Cobalt Blue Discus Fish – Singapore” is 6.