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Snail – Substrate Burrower Snail – Assorted Rabbit Snails Tylomelania sp.



Assorted Rabbit Snails
aka Tylomelania zeamais, Tylomelania, Poso Snail

Water Temp: Tropical water 73 – 87 °F
Water Type: Hard water
Sensitive To: Cooper
Life Span: 1 to 3 years

One of the easiest snails you’ll ever enjoy! Some of these varieties of Rabbit snails are only offered in these assorted packs, they may include depending on season and availability: Gold Rabbits, Yellow Spotted, Blue Rabbits, White Poso
Orange volcano Rabbits & other assorted Rabbit Snails. Order more for better variety! No matter what type you get, their main body slug will always be a bright orange or yellow color. The shell can be black, brown, or dark chocolate. It might feature some white dots or other random textures that are all different and beneficial for your aquarium!

Rabbit Snails are a rare type of snail that have a long, droopy antennae alongside a long rabbit-like face. These peaceful slow-moving freshwater snails are beautiful and curious. 100% a nice addition to your aquarium and suitable for all community tanks.
Shells are always cone-shaped with a recurring grooved spiral pattern.

Rabbit snails do well in both sand and gravel substrates.
Their preferred tank mates include Tetras, Dwarf chain and Zebra loaches as well as other algae eaters like SAE & Otocinclus. Rabbit snails are perfect tankmates with most shrimp species, especially Sulawesi shrimp.

Rabbit snails are scavengers and will eat algae, fresh greens from the garden, Lettuce, broccoli, peas, spinach, cucumbers as well as flake foods, algae wafers. If a shell is cracked, leave it alone, it can repair itself. It’ll gradually regenerate, just like a broken finger nail.

Rabbit snails breed slowly relative to other snails producing just one (1) live offspring at a time carrying a single eggs in a pouch for about 6 weeks. Momma will birth out a small pearl bubble which the baby hatches shortly thereafter. Breeding only takes place after they are about 1.5 inches in length. Male and female rabbit snails are identical, yet the two genders are present. You’ll need a minimum of 4-8 snails to have good chance of any potential breeding process which can take some time and correct diet to catalyze the breeding process.


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