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Spotted or Marbled Gar



Lepisosteus platyrhincus

A natural habitat for spotted gars is a clear pool of shallow water and they are found in creeks, rivers and lakes, so mimicking similar environments in the aquarium is best! Gars are Piscivores (fish eaters) Sometimes it is best to raise live bearing fish to produce live food source for Gar and proven to be cheaper long-term, as pet store quality feeder fish can transfer disease to your gar. Think about using fish like Mollies, Platy, or Swordtails. (The name Lepisosteus is Greek for “bony scale”.)

The Spotted Gar is a primitive type freshwater fish native to North America. It will usually have dark spots on the body, the head and its fins, especially as it matures. They are long and have elongated mouths with many sharp teeth used to eat other fish. We generally ship Gar aged from 4 to 8 months old at various sizes, however, we do offer this fish in a jumbo size.

Gars do well with similar sized fish and can be kept in small groups together. Any fish small enough to fit the extendable mouth should not be kept with this fish! Gars will remain motionless until small prey are within striking distance. With rapid lunges, the Gar will capture its prey by extending its mouth in a net-like fashion and surround the prey.

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