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Pond Plant Fertilizers

You may notice throughout this site that our company doesn’t sell allot of chemicals, supplements, medications, or fertilizers. This is our attempt at doing things as naturally as possible and work with Mother Nature. not fight her! She always knows best, but we as men, although our intentions may be good, usually end up messing her up. All Aquarium or Pond additives need to be used with care. Here’s a couple tips that we practice ourselves that may also help you build your aquarium or pond in a better way.

Try adding fertilizers at water changes only. Never add fertilizers to your tank because you think your plants look bad!Naturally planted tanks should be well-balanced. To get this balance you must have the right amount of fish, snails, plants, light, filtration, etc. These things all work together to create HARMONY, not imbalance.

Okay, so maybe you have one brand of liquid fertilizer that’s your favorite? That’s fine, most of us do, but down the road your plants may not look as sweet as they used to. Of course there are many factors why plants wither away. Here’s a simple tip that may actually give your plants a boost. Try switching your fertilizer brands from time to time, and watch how your plants respond. Alternate between a couple brands. Plants are living organisms, they need changes in their diet, just like we do. When you switch back to your favorite fertilizer, it may work better, or like you remembered it