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#1 Growers Choice Anubias Aquarium Plant on Driftwood

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Assorted Anubias species growers choice for best in season

Please keep in mind that the best way to encourage growth with this plant is to anchor it down to a piece of wood with a rubberband, thread, or wedged into a crevice. Our customers love the dark green vibrant leaves of Anubias that seem to flow and float effortlessly in the water. These plants can also be used by your aquatic critters within your setup as a hiding spot, refuge, or territory. Don’t forget to both check out our specials page and subscribe to our newsletter for more offers and opportunities to save $. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns or if you want to know if this particular species will mesh well with your current setup. This variant is for our staff choice only of Anubias on driftwood. For more choices of Anubias on Driftwood, please refer to our Aquarium Plants mounted on driftwood section

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Anubias Barteri Grown on driftwood, Anubias Nana grown on driftwood