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Anubias Barteri Aquarium Plant

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Checkout these beauties! These green Anubias Barteri Aquarium plants come in potted form. They are sure to be a hit, not only with your friends and family, but the wildlife that may exist within your aquascape. The green leaves seem to float effortlessly within the calm waves of your tank & don’t forget that plants provide a functional & visual value. Think of buying additional items from our store to really customize your aquascape and make it different from everyone else’s. Contact us at AZ Gardens if you need more information.

  • pH range: 6.5 – 7.2
  • Temperature range: 22-28 C
  • Water hardness: very soft-very hard
  • Propagation: Rhizome cuttings.
  • Habitat: Africa

Anubias will root onto wood or rough rocks. However unlike African ferns, anubias will grow an extensive root system into your gravel. Keep that rhizome above your gravel. Anubias grows much better when the light hits its rhizome. The best way to encourage growth is to anchor it to wood with a rubber band or Black cotton sewing thread. Some anubias growers insist the rhizomes rot when buried in the gravel but it really just slows their growth.


5″ Pot Monster Mother Plant appx 6 to 12″ tall – 3+ yrs old

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