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Catfish – Milky Way Galaxy Woodcat



Milky Way Galaxy Woodcat

Tatia galaxias

aka: Driftwood Catfish

The genus Tatia contains about 14 species distributed throughout South America, mainly Colombia to Southern Brazil. These types of catfish don’t grow big and the largest size recorded is about 5 inches in the wild.

Tatia galaxias are mostly nocturnal (active at night) and you have to feed when lights are out or under blue lunar lighting.

Tatia galaxias are a beautifully marked catfish. They are happiest when kept together in a group. This is a very hardy species. It is important to note that the eyes of Tatia are large with a skin over them that helps them see better at night. There are inexperienced catfish aquarists that tend to think that these cats have cloudy eyes and it is a disease, but this is of course incorrect and normal for the Auchenipteridae family. They have two pairs of barbels, one pair of mandibular and one pair of maxillary. Generally They having quite a chunky body.

Provide refuge by giving them small pvc pipes, rocks, caves, driftwood, as they do like to hide in the crevices of driftwood as well. Community tanks are fine for this species, but they may eat smaller fish they can fit into their mouths if unfed conventional foods.

If you have ideal water parameters and enough males/females in a colony, you might be lucky enough to get a female to spawn with her chosen mate. She can release 200 non-adhesive 3mm eggs that sink to the substrate, this is not often and again, only IF the water temp and paramters are perfect they’ll hatch in 3 to 3½ days. Frye are free swimming 5 days later. They should only be fed at night with Frye food.

They do like their food and you can see them shooting out of their hideouts and swimming in a frenzied manner to try and consume everything for themselves, especially when you feed them their favorite food, bloodworms.

Shipped around 2″+

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