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Four Leaf Clover Dwarf Marsilea crenata Pot



Great for growth in stagnant water, the Four Leaf Clover Dwarf Aquatic Plant is a great natural addition to any fresh water aquarium or pond stream area. Useful as both ground cover and taller growth, the Four Leaf Clover Dwarf Aquatic Plant is versatile for which ever effect you may be seeking. For shorter growth and ground cover, the plant requires brighter light, and requires the opposite for taller growth. Watch your pH levels though; the Leaf Clover Dwarf prefers softer conditions underwater.  We only ship this plant in the emerged form condition as it will ship better and obviously grows faster for our company. If planting underwater, new “submerged” growth will appear almost overnight from your original emerged install.  If planting in a stream or waterfall area, plant about 1 plant for every 6 sq inches of area to cover.  This plant is only cold in a 2″ plastic pot.

Minimum quantity for “Four Leaf Clover Dwarf Marsilea crenata Pot” is 6.