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Beneficial Bacteria – Pond Reducer “The Mistake Eraser”




We have spent over 3 decades perfecting our methods to help alleviate your mistakes with over use of chemicals and they work! We trust them along with thousands of happy clients.
Neglect……One of the most common things a pond keeper does to their pond. Then neglect can turn into “reaction’ and a pond owner may start dumping chemicals into a pond to try and play catch-up leading to time consuming and useless effort. Maybe you have a pond that is riddled with algae, muck and yuck and you need a fresh start? This is more than likely the product for you!
As the owner of AAG Nurseries, Inc, and since 1987 nearly everyday I consult water projects for all sorts of people, from the Federal Government, Casinos, Golf Courses, Celebrity homes, and our biggest clientele being Farm & Agriculture retention ponds for crops and cattle.  From simple private-owned backyard ponds, trailer parks, fishing holes, to elaborate multi-million dollar projects, we will serve you with good faith and good intent only. I don’t care where you live, who you are, what kind of money you make. We treat everyone the same with one thing in mind: to teach you about science and proven methods to treat water without the use of harnful chemical and to get you on a simple, monthly regimen that will keep your waterway in check! We do things right the first time, so we don’t have to redo them later. There simply are no shortcuts, there is not 1 single golden-ticket item that will fix all your problems, however. there are a handful of products that over time will give you the long-lasting results you wanted in the first place.
Our methods work! If you stick to a good plan that we create for you, we can assure some happiness. As I always say: with age comes experience, and with experience….hopefully, comes wisdom! I’ve made the costly mistakes already, and with those pricey lessons, I WILL prevent you from making them too! If you’ve already tried and failed, well, this is a technique that has proven to work for me personally, and for virtually 1000’s of other unique customers all over the country. Enough of the job interview, let’s get back to taking care of your project.

We are constantly working on ways to improve this product year after year. It has been nicknamed “the mistake eraser”. We’ve developed this pond water concentrate reducer that will basically “swipe your pond clean” and allow you to start fresh, and also allows you to move forward in a more positive direction.

This is one of the most NATURAL solutions to fixing problems without using other chemicals, and is ideal for smaller ponds that have yet to get clobbered with string algae, or blanketweed or perhaps is beginning the start of a algae bloom. If your pond is already covered in string algae or infested with a blanketweed, you may need a stronger oxidizer first. This product here is copper-free and custom made fresh for each customer in our lab based on the gallon of your water project. This reducer will give you a fresh start, so that you may begin a proper regimen of bacteria that is required to maintain a healthy, natural pond.

Your custom-made Pond Reducer will:
-Eliminates any algae spores that may have been introduced either from birds, wind, etc.
-Dissolves virtually most algae that may be currently present.
-Clarifies your water quite rapidly
-Helps to seed your new beneficial bacteria
-Will not harm delicate fish or crustaceans. This product is safe for all wildlife and fish. We have used this product for over 15 years in watering troughs with many different types of livestock from horses, cattle and more exotic animals such as llamas, alpacas and ostrich that have more sensitive digestion systems. Our own pet dogs drink from the same water that we use this product on and they are also fine.

DOSING: Once you add your first dose of treatment on day 1, you will retreat with an additional dose on day 7, then your last (insurance dose) on day 30. Many people will see results in just a few days. You should as well. But more so, you should see long-term results lasting far longer once you begin a strict regimen of adding your monthly Microbial Bacteria.

NEW POND OR DREDGED POND? If this is for a new pond, or a pond that you recently drained because you were fed up, then you will want to purchase the correct liquid Bacteria to help jump-start your pond. We love using API PondCare Quick Start.

Items you will want to order and stay on religiously:

Pond Reducer: (3 one gallon jugs) should only need to be used as a 3-time treatment. If you have any issues down the road such as a new algae spore blows in, etc. you could repeat this process the following year. For ponds over 125k gallons, you will need to call.

Pond Salt: Every pond is different, some have delicate plants, different kinds of animals, so there is no exact formula to offer except a basic idea, but I will also suggest that staying on a strict monthly regimen is not a good idea. When you use salt, you will want to take a break from it, so you do not allow the “bad” bacteria to become immune or tolerant of salt doses. Perhaps a 3 months of use and then 3 months WITHOUT use is a good idea.

Microbial Pond Clarifier Tabs: This is own own bacterial tablet that you will see amazing long-term results with. Each tablet treats 600gals and should be used just 1 time per month, however, we have established a routine for this product that works well to quickly establish your bacteria culture in your pond to create a long-lasting beneficial seeding. In a nutshell , you would treat your pond with the proper amount of Microbial Bacteria each week for 8 weeks (skipping week 5 & 7) then just treat it once per month thereafter. Below is an example of a 1200 gallon pond:

Week 1: 2 tablets
Week 2: 2 tablets
Week 3: 2 tablets
Week 4: 2 tablets
Week 5: skip
Week 6: 2 tablets
Week 7: skip
Week 8: 2 tablets

After week 8 you would simply drop in just 2 tablets per month thereafter.

Barley Straw: Do not use extracts, use real Scottish Barley Straw. Takes about 29 days before it will begin to leech out Humic Acid, but this Humic Acid will be part of your attack to kill potential algae outbreaks. Humic Acid is natural, it will not harm anything except algae. Replace every 3 to 4 months.

You will use ALL of the above products at the same time, YES!! These items all work together to create balance and harmony. You are now well on your way to a life of owning a better pond. Opposed to a pond that owns you! This method requires very little time, virtually seconds of your life each week for a couple months, and then a routine of chucking in your tabs and forgetting about things. Over time, it will be second nature to you. Our goal here is to educate you so that YOU can take care of your own investment on your own, without the need to hire in outside help to work on your pond. This will save you money in the long run. If you get stuck, please visit our CONTACT page on our site, and you can request a call back from our water consulting person. We will be glad to help.  We care about making a positive difference in other people’s lives, and we are committed to our business. thank you!

To do this correctly, you will need to order three 1 gallon jugs of Pond Reducer based on your application size. Everyone’s order will be customer batched in our lab based on your individual project.

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