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Badis Cichlid – Scarlet Gem Badis



Badis Cichlid – Scarlet Gem Badis

Dario dario, Dwarf Badis, Dwarf Scarlet Badis

Temp: 73-79° F
KH 10-15
pH 6.5-7.5
Max. Size: 1″
Native to: Asia

The Scarlet Gem Badis is a shy, peaceful, small freshwater fish considered one of the more underrated species in the hobby. Its brilliant coloration and unique personality reminiscent of dwarf cichlids make the Scarlet Gem Badis quite an interesting species to study.

Males feature 7 dark vertical bars across sides with bold red coloration, while females exhibit uniform grayish coloration or indistinct vertical bars. Breathtaking coloration and activity peaks during spawning while males “facing off” or “dance” alone for a female’s attention.

The typical biotope for the Scarlet Gem Badis is clean, slow-moving water with marginal vegetation. In the home aquarium, the Scarlet Gem Badis prefers densely planted aquariums w sandy substrate or fine gravel and plenty of surface vegetation as well. Also provide driftwood for hiding spots.

The shy Scarlet Gem Badis is best kept in aquariums or alongside small anabantoids such as small dwarf Gouramis, and shoals of Rasboras and Danios as long as you ensure enough food reaches your Scarlet Gem Badis.

Diet should consist of small live or freeze dried foods like bloodworms and daphnia, Cyclops and microworms. The Scarlet Gem Badis is a finicky eater, so observe carefully to ensure that what you offer is being eaten – and adjust diet accordingly.

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