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Picotope Plant Habitats for tanks under 1 gal



Small Nano Tank Habitat Solutions



African PicoTope Aquarium Plant Habitat for 1 gallon or less includes:
3 Anubias Nana petite
10 Dwarf Sagittaria subulata
1 Red Tiger Lotus
+2 Free Olive Nerite Snails

Asian PicoTope Aquarium Plant Habitat for 1 gallon or less includes:
1 Banana Plant
10 Dwarf Sagittaria subulata
6 Crypt Walkeri
1 Cardinal Flower (Lobelia small form)
Red Tiger Lotus
+2 Free Olive Nerite Snails

Ultimate PicoTope Aquarium Plant Habitat for 1 gallon or less includes:
1 Banana plant
20 Dwarf Sagittaria subulata
10 Crypt Wendtii Bronze
1 Dwarf Lily Plant
2 Micro Sword pots
3 Anubias Nana petite
+6 Free Olive Nerite Snails

To help enhance any smaller space such as your work desk or kitchen counter, we offer you these little stunning plant habitats to complete your Picotope aquarium (under one gallon in size). These particular habitats have an exotic feel, giving you the chance to escape for a moment in your tank’s serene environment. Plants used in this habitat are very simple to grow, hard to kill, and will reward you constantly with beauty. These small picotope tanks are designed for small spaces, and the plants will grow to scale of your miniature aquarium and stay small. We may tweak the plant selections from time to time based on seasonal availability but rest assured we will hand select everything for you, no disappointments ever. The picture is an example only as all plants grow differently.  Thank you for the opportunity to help you build your habitat. This will get you going in the right direction.

We understand the importance of keeping your Picotope tank as low maintenance as possible. For this reason, we highly suggest using our producing olive nerite snails which will keep the tank clean by eliminating algae and keeping your cleaning job to a minimum. We will include some olive nerite snails to get you started.  Add more of these beneficial snails on to this product by choosing the snail variant below, you can also choose the addition of fish and shrimp to this order by clicking on other variants. Add more items such as Mosses, Dwarf Hairgrass, and MicroSword.

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