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Terrestrial Groundcover Creeper plant – Myoporum parvifolium or Dwarf Native Myrtle



aka Dwarf Native Myrtle

Native to: Australia

temp: full sun or partial shade. Winter Hardy to 23 degrees. We grow in Tucson Arizona wherre it gets 117 degrees + and our plants havent died yet.

Myoporum parvifolium is an awesome ground cover to plant around your pond! Since it’s leaves are semi-succulent, this is a good choice for areas where water conservation is required.  It is highl;y drought tolerant and can survive long dry spells.  This plant will absolutely help with erosion control and definately weed control. Probably one of the best, oh, you’ll love this plant!

Myoporum parvifolium

Evergreen for zones 8+. This is a very hardy groundcover whose woody stems permit it to survive through some light traffic, but the real compliment is this plant will provide cover for the terrain and outlying areas of your pond softening the looks while complimenting gravel and rocks. Myoporum has clean green foliage and lovely small, star-like white flowers during Summertime attracting butterflys and other pollenating insects. This is a win-win plant! We started growing this all over areas of our farm here in Tucson and it just changed the landscape for the better. It grows in full sun to part shade, in a variety of soils and climates, from coastal sites and sandy soils to inland areas with heavy clay soils. Will withstand both frost and drought but requires good drainage. Don’t fuss too much, just offer it water and sunshine, you’ll see the results. Plant several in a group on an automatic water timer or on your existing irrigation system in tree wells that already have an emitter. These plants will take off from there!

Myoporum parvifolium is an excellent choice as a groundcover in seaside or native gardens as well as in rockeries. Good for spilling over walls and for weed suppression. Water as required first couple weeks  to get it established. Prune once annually to keep tidy and you can trim with scissors into shapes to follow curbs. It will root its long groundcover branches into any source of wet soil. We feed all of our livestock it’s trimmings as well for another free food source.

2 options to buy this plant:

Rooted Plant: We UNpot a healthy rooted plant from a 1-gallon container, soil is loosely shaken off then put into a plastic bag for shipment.

Cutting: We will send you 5 cuttings that are about7″ long, you can stick these right into moist soil and these will grow.

Never a disappointment. Ships excellent!

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