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Aquarium Rocks & Decor


Arizona Aquatic Nurseries, is proud to offer some of the coolest stuff out there to help you create that very special environment for your habitat! Just look at some of the decor here. Wow, it just keeps getting cooler every year and easier to make your setup look like a professional exhibit! We are super proud to be offering CaribSea new lines of decor and some of our older more primitive goodies, but be sure to check out some of our Driftwood so you can complete your look. Using different Substrates will also help you achieve a professional look!

Bold and Beautiful. Exotica™, the new freshwater rock line from CaribSea. Specially selected from around the world, these dramatic stones are the backdrop of the most spectacular freshwater aquascapes. All natural, no paints, dyes, or plastic coatings. Use with our Super Naturals™, Eco-Complete™, Instant Aquarium™, or Samurai Soil™ to create strikingly beautiful freshwater aquascapes.

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Arizona Aquatic Gardens
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