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Sagittaria Aquarium Plants

Also known as Alismataceae, from the Water Plantain Family.
All Sagittaria plants are sold as loose, rooted, and unpotted unless otherwise speciefied.
Most Sag have a minimum purchase of no less than 10 per variety.
Sagittaria are native to S.E. USA, South & Central America
Lighting is flexible. Grows in Low to High light
Temperature: Medium: 73-85F or 23-28C (Tropical conditions)
pH: Neutral 7.0 ideal but very versatile
Arizona Aquatic Gardens offers a diverse selection of Sagittaria aquarium plants for sale. All of our Sagittaria plants are loose, rooted, and un-potted. Whether you are looking for common plants like Sagittaria subulata Tall or Dwarf or maybe something a little more unique like Shoelace Sagittaria, we have it all and more. Due to the nature of these plants, their lighting requirements are flexible. In fact, these plants thrive in low, moderate, and high lighting, so you are not very likely to kill this plant. When it comes to finding easy to grow aquarium plants, look no further than our selection of Sagittaria. We have so many terrific options to choose from and we are always adding new products to our online catalog. Browse our Sagittaria collection below to learn more about our aquarium grass. For more details about our Sagittaria plants, contact us today!

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