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Vallisneria Aquarium Plants

Vallisneria or “Val” are sold as 1 individual rooted plant. Minimum order of these beautiful oxygenating grasses is no less than 10. Vals are native to North & Central America, Haiti, Venezuela, & Japan. The lighting for Vallisneria is usually moderate to high, but most will thrive or adapt to all lighting situations. These are a hard-to-kill, easy to grow aquarium plant. Temperatures should be tropical but Jungle or Eeel Grass will grow in colder waters. Out here in Arizona our water in the Summer can get to 95+ and in the Winter the water can be in the 50’s. These plants are still growing like weeds in all these conditions.
WHAT ARE VALLISNERIA? Vals are a swampy grass that will add dramatic look to your aquarium. Vals are totally submersed, true aquatic grasses. Try placing a few taller Vals in your foreground as an aquascaping idea, don’t just put them all in the back. Your fish will look grear swimming through the grass! Taller Vals will bend and flow at the top of your aquarium if allowed to grow that high. Trimming vals down won’t hurt them, so give ’em a snip with sharp scissors when needed.

Need Help Choosing Vallisneria species?
Shortest Height = Corkscrew
Thinnest Leaf = Nana, Crystal
Widest Leaf = Jungle, Red Jungles, Dark Red Jungles
Colored Leaves = Italian Leopard, Red Jungles
Darkest Leaf = Jungles
Brightest Green = Cork, Contortion, Crystal, Italian
Best Oxygenator in this Genus = Jungles
Most Popular Currently = Contortion

ALL Vals with the exception of Corkscrew will generally grow as tall as you allow them to.

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